Love Me Tinder was first performed in Sloans Bar in Glasgow AprilB 2014, as part of a project on Meganbs Masters in Musical Theatre course atB 12507195_10156458291735297_1117711712850527210_nThe Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. The show was musically arranged and directed by Doug Price and mentored by Johnny McKnight. It also featured Sarah Haddath, Neshla Caplain, Alina Kim, Chantelle Micallef Grimaud, Kristel Harder andB Sheena Bernett. The show was originally 22 minutes in length but has since been added to and adapted to what it is today.

caberet-323aThe show was performed at Three WiseB Monkeybs in Colchester,B 14th of February 2016. Instead of using the tradition band set up, the show wasB accompanied byB electric piano.

Zach FlisB tookB on the role of Music Director and featured as the pianist. The show alsoB included two opening acts by Tyler McKinnon and Kristel Harder. During this performance the show was filmed and after watching the footage, adjustments were made to the songs and the text to make the piece more cohesive. B B


In August 2016, Love Me Tinder Cabaret wasB performedB
at SpaceTriplex at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The cast consisted of Robert Allan on the Keyboard, Chantelle Micallef Grimaud on backing vocals and Megan Juniper.

Zach Flis took on the role of musical arranger and wrote the arrangements for the music. The show was wellB received and had audiences ranging from 4-42 (the venue accommodated 62). A range of audiences attended from 18-70 and the show was given some good reviews. B B B

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